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The Company Dzierzbud was founded in year 1991 in result of privatization of Construction and  Housing Enterprise in Dzierzgoń. Employees of the Company and private persons have became shareholders.

In years 1991 – 2000  Company’s basic profile of manufacturing was production and building services. In a result Dzierzbud has bulid many  service building in Northern Poland.

In year 1995 in Germany has been established a new  branch office, specializing in prefabrication and assembly of steel reinforcement.

In year 2003 the experience gain in Germany have been carried to the range of Poland. The Company started to realize many prestige objects.

In year 2006 next branch office has been opened in Gdynia.

In year 2008 We have started an exclusive partnership with ThyssenKrupp Energostal S. A Company.

Presently Dzierzbud is one of the biggest companies dealing in sale and manufacture of steel products, keeping strong position in the market.